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Do you have any scars you’d like to get rid of? Cosmetic and skin care specialist Laural Schaberg, ARNP, has extensive experience using various methods of scar removal at Pacific Northwest Primary Care in Tacoma, Washington. She can help you achieve smooth and glowing skin and get rid of unwanted scars using revolutionary skin treatments, like the Icon® and ThreeAndMe® laser systems. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Scar Removal Q & A

What causes scarring?

Acne, injury, and certain illnesses, such as chickenpox, are the most common causes of scarring. Your body naturally repairs the damage when your skin is injured. How your body repairs the damage depends on various factors, including the type and extent of the injury.

If the injury causes damage to the top layer of your skin, you might notice new skin when the wound heals. Damage that’s deeper than the first layer requires your body to create a tissue that’s thicker than your skin, and it’s this thicker tissue that often becomes a scar.

Newer scars typically have a red or pinkish color. Over time, scars can change and become darker or lighter than your surrounding skin. Most scars are flat, and the skin on top can sometimes appear wrinkled.

What scar removal treatments are available?

Pacific Northwest Primary Care offers a number of scar removal treatments, including:

  • Laser removal
  • Skin creams
  • Medications

Your provider might also offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling to help you improve the appearance and health of your skin.

What are the benefits of laser scar removal?

Laser technology, such as the Icon® laser system, can treat scarring. The laser energy boosts the production of collagen and elastin, enhances the elasticity of your skin, and stimulates your skin’s natural healing processes.

Lasers create tiny holes, also known as micro-wounds, in your skin, which triggers the body to produce new skin to replace the scar over time. The collagen and elastin smooths, plumps, and firms your skin and gives you a more vibrant and youthful-looking complexion.

Laser treatment doesn’t involve medications or surgery. Laser scar removal treatments, such as Icon, have lasting results and no downtime. Around 4-6 treatments are usually necessary for optimal results, with 3-4 weeks between treatments.

Get rid of your unwanted scars and give yourself the gift of smooth and radiant skin. Book an appointment online or over the phone today.